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Doctors warn of worrying numbers of new patients and overbooked healthcare facilities, cafe grounds and crowded restaurants despite bans

While the health and political side of the crisis staff are discussing whether to continue or lift the ban on commercial and catering facilities, official figures for new coronavirus patients indicate that these measures are not yielding the desired results, and their abolition. it would only fuel the pandemic.

Shekler: The government is in trouble because it does not know how to improve the response to vaccination 1Photo: N1; Photo: BETAPHOTO / DRAGAN GOJIĆ;

In order for the number of infected and killed by kovida 19 to finally begin to decline, and the health system to be saved from gunfire, it is necessary to close all potentially dangerous facilities for a time, but also to intensify mass vaccination, doctors believe.

The balance between economic and health interests has resulted in the adoption of half-hearted and imprecise measures, such as a permit for the sale of coffee in exchange, so that the gardens of formally closed cafes and restaurants are full of visitors. Goran Vesić, the deputy mayor of Belgrade, demands that the measures be repealed and points out the economic consequences of the work ban on the city’s economy, while doctors warn that the capacities in all Covid hospitals are full and Health workers in the red zones are exhausted and overloaded.

On the other hand, citizens seem to pay less and less attention to the danger of a pandemic, social networks are visited by images of the “break” of the “kovid parties” and the number of vaccinated begins to stagnate. Despite the alarming situation, which is not calming down, the Crisis Staff did not sit down in the previous days, and the session was announced in the media several times and then postponed. At the same time, the government is announcing a media campaign to increase interest in the vaccine.

Milanko Shekler, a microbiologist at the Kraljevo Veterinary Institute, also points to the worrying number of patients, but also to the poor situation of the health system, who assures that the hospital in that city has been expanding its capacity in recent days because it cannot accept to all new virus patients.

– There is no place for all the sick in Kraljevo, so beds are added and new rooms taken, and the doctors in Kovid’s hospitals are overloaded and destroyed. For me, that is a sufficient indicator of the action to be taken. The constant number of 5,000 patients a day is huge, and fluctuations of a few hundred below or above that number mean little, indicating that there are no trends. We are nailed to 5,000 new patients a day, and the crown appears to be “more successful” than vaccination, Shekler told Danas.

He adds that each new infected patient means one less for vaccination.

Shekler: The government is in trouble because it does not know how to improve the response to vaccination 2

– Each infected person is one less for vaccination, during the next two months. In a month there are 150,000 people who will not be able to be vaccinated during the next two months, if two weeks of illness and four weeks are counted according to the protocol, after leaving isolation. So half a million cannot be vaccinated in three months when infected, because the recovery period has to pass. And vaccination needs to be sped up, Shekler said.

Therefore, according to our interlocutor, the medical profession should be crucial in decision-making, and not the economy, so political decisions are made and it depends on the will of the authorities.

– That is why I do not like when it comes to economics, and how it is very important to finance the system and save jobs. Medicine is a natural science, the virus is the same in Europe and America, the appendix is ​​operated in the same way, people’s temperature is calculated the same everywhere, drugs work in the same way. If natural laws, which are clear, say that certain measures must be taken to achieve a certain result, then that must be respected. So I support any medical decision, the medical side of the crisis staff. We should not be concerned with politics and economics. I am not required to understand those decisions. How the state will find the money is your problem. I am interested to know if everything possible has been done to reduce the number of infected people and provide the maximum help to those who need it most to save their lives, Shekler is clear.

He affirms that the only way out of the pandemic is to simultaneously close all the places of risk for the spread of the virus, as well as mass vaccination, which is now stagnant.

– Those two things must be done at the same time, to stop the spread of the virus, and for people to be vaccinated en masse, as in the beginning when 50,000 people received vaccines a day. The government is in big trouble because it doesn’t know how to improve the response to vaccination, according to Shekler.

According to him, a strong campaign should be organized, but with celebrities, athletes, “outside the political context, whose motives and orientation towards patriotism are not in doubt, and that everyone loves.”

– Today people are consumers, they decide for marketing and advertising, I see no other way to achieve greater interest and confidence in vaccines. We should bring, for example, a soccer team, famous athletes like Djokovic or Divac, who achieve success and who people trust, says Shekler, but he also adds:

“On the other hand, when the sad reality is that reality shows have the highest ratings, I would send a mobile team to Parove i Farma, so that several Kije Kockar and several Kristijani Golubovići receive the vaccine in front of the camera.” “It is a target group that must be encouraged and convinced, the next day they would have at least half a million vaccinated,” concludes Shekler.

Mandatory vaccination for doctors

Shekler says he supports the initiative to make vaccination mandatory for all healthcare workers, appealed this week by Goran Stevanović, director of the Belgrade Infectious Diseases Clinic.

– It is not fair that only the doctors of the covid system fall, that all medical workers are vaccinated, so that even a general practitioner can receive patients normally, says the interlocutor from Danas.

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