NEXT WEEKS OF PAYMENT OF AID TO WORKERS: Here’s who can count on money, applications for 60 euros will start soon


All adult citizens, retirees, but also all unemployed who are registered in the office can count on the money. The state will pay them at least 60 euros and a maximum of 120. Pensioners will receive 110 euros each.

The first half of the minimum wage will be paid next week to companies that applied for the third package of state aid, and that practically means that then most of the workers employed in these companies will receive the second part of the March salary. It will be similar in the next two months.

Likewise, at the end of April, the application for direct economic aid from citizens begins for an amount of 60 euros, which will be paid in two installments, in May and November. Retirees will receive an additional 50 euros, while all the unemployed who are in the records of the National Employment Service will receive another 60 euros in June.

Within this package, aid arrives for the most threatened activities, so that the hotels in the city will receive 350 euros per single bed, or 150 euros per room. Truckers will receive 600 euros per bus.

The first half of the minimum value of 15,450 dinars “falls” on the account of businessmen on April 8, and that is the first of three payments provided for in the third package of state aid to the economy and citizens. Exactly 1,505,093 workers employed by entrepreneurs, as well as in micro, small, medium and large companies are entitled to this assistance.

This means that that part will be the second part of the March salary for many workers. The first part, the rest up to the full salary, in most companies is paid these days. Similar practices will continue in May and June.

After the first payment of half the “minimum” next week, in similar terms, half the minimum wage will arrive in May and June. This support practically “covers” wages in March, April and May, and companies will receive a total of just over 46,000 dinars per worker, or three times 15,450 dinars, which is half the January minimum wage in Serbia.

Employers request this type of assistance every month, that is, in April and May, by filling in a simple form on the Tax Administration portal.

The conditions are the same as in the first two packages of economic measures, which means that registered workers, in translation those who do not work illegally, will be entitled to a minimum wage. People hired in casual and temporary jobs, as well as other people hired outside of employment, are not entitled to the minimum wage. In this group, the most common are temporary workers, contract workers …

Furthermore, one of the main conditions for receiving state aid is that companies cannot lay off more than 10 percent of workers within three months of the last minimum payment. It is also important that those receiving aid are not entitled to pay dividends.

Banks and financial institutions are not covered by this measure.

Let us remind you that businesses received similar help last year, when the state supported the economy within the first and second economic aid packages with a total of three monthly minimum wages and twice 60 percent of the minimum wage.

The first was entered into the company’s accounts in early May, the second in June and the third in July. Large companies received 15,000 dinars three times for each worker and everyone else received 30,000, that is, the full minimum wage.

As part of the second package of measures, workers received 60 percent of the minimum wage in August and September, or a total of 36,000 dinars.

In addition to helping the economy, the state provided direct financial assistance to all citizens in the third package of measures.

The application starts on April 28 and all adult citizens, 6.1 million of them, will receive 60 euros through a new package. Payment will be made in two installments, the first in May 2021 and the second in November. Whoever requests the first 30 euros will automatically receive another 30 euros. It is not necessary to apply twice, and the process will be the same as last year, when the state gave 100 euros each.

A call center will open at the end of April, the Finance Minister announced.

Pensioners will also receive an additional 50 euros, that is, a total of 110 euros, and all unemployed people who are on the records of the National Employment Service (NES) in June can expect an additional 60 euros. This means that everyone in the office receives a total of 120 euros in aid from the state.

Those who turn 18 between May and November cannot apply for this assistance. Retirees do not need to register, and neither do welfare recipients, because they will automatically receive money.


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