Dramatic warning from a famous meteorologist: a cold cyclone will create complete climate chaos



03.04.2021. 15:58

Cloudy and cold with rain prevails in Serbia this Saturday, so the temperatures in most of Serbia and in Belgrade are 9-10 ° C, and at the same time in the extreme south of Serbia it is still very hot, so that Dimitrograd measures 17 ° C, Vranje and places in Kosovo and Metohija 20 ° C. At the same time, heavy snow falls on Kopaonik and the temperature is 0 ° C, while the height of the snow cover is about 100 cm .

Rain in Belgrade

Rain in Belgrade, Photo: Hello / Vladimir Markovic

– In southern Serbia, Sunday will be cloudy with rain, in mountainous and mountainous areas with snow. In other parts of Serbia, it will be dry in the morning, and at midday and in the afternoon it will be variably cloudy with short rains and local rains, in the mountains with snow showers. In the north of Vojvodina, it is dry and sunny throughout the day. A moderate north and northwest wind will blow, weakening at the end of the day. Minimum temperature of 1 to 5 ° C, in Belgrade of 3 ° C, daily maximum of 5 ° C in the south of Serbia to 13 ° C in the north of Vojvodina. During the afternoon and evening, cleaning – says meteorologist Djordje Đurić.

He says it will be sunny and warmest in Serbia during the day on Monday, only during the morning in the south and this Monday with light rainfall. Maximum temperature from 13 to 17 ° C, in Belgrade up to 15 ° C.

– Tuesday will bring a very stormy weather change. A cyclone will move through northern Europe and will be far from us with its center. However, within it, a very pronounced cold front will move across Europe from the northwest. It will reach the northwest on Tuesday morning and before noon, and at the end of the day it will bring rain, a drastic drop in temperature and a strong northwest wind, and with a further drop in temperature the rain will turn to sleet and snow . in some low areas. Then a secondary cyclone will form over our area, moving very quickly through the Carpathians further east and through the Crimea and the northern part of the Black Sea. At its rear, this cyclone, together with the cold front, will also be responsible for the penetration of very cold air from northern Europe. Already on Wednesday afternoon, it will be much further east than us and a strong anticyclone will strengthen from the west, with an increase in air pressure, which will be an introduction to the stabilization of the climate from Thursday, but an increase gradual temperatures. – explained the meteorologist in detail.

Then, on Tuesday morning and before noon in the northwest, and in the afternoon and evening in other parts of Serbia, cloudiness and severe cooling with rains and showers. In the south and southeast, sunny in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon and at night with rain and thunder. A strong northwesterly wind will start to blow.

– Maximum temperature of 5 ° C in the northwest to 19 ° C in the southeast of Serbia, at the end of the day and in those areas in a significant decrease. During the night in the northwestern and western parts of Serbia and in the mountains, the rain will turn into sleet and wet snow. On Wednesday cloudy and cold with rain, sleet and snow. In the morning in the north, and in the afternoon and evening in other clearing areas. The temperature at night between Tuesday and Wednesday and Wednesday morning in the low regions will be 0 to 2 ° C, in the south and east of Serbia up to 5 ° C. Maximum temperature on Wednesday from 5 to 10 ° C. So, according to current forecast, in the evening between Tuesday and Wednesday and Wednesday morning, there are sleet and wet snow conditions in the lower parts of Serbia. If a smaller layer of snow forms, it will melt very quickly. The snow will be very wet, damp and heavy, so it can damage agricultural and field crops in some places. In mountainous and mountainous areas, 10-20 cm of very wet and heavy snow would fall.

Hot and sunny Thursday and Friday, with light frosts in the morning. Maximum temperature on Thursday from 7 to 11 ° C, in Belgrade up to 10 ° C, and on Friday from 10 to 15 ° C, in Belgrade up to 14 ° C. In the morning, due to the danger of light frosts, measures should be applied and adequate protection for agricultural and devastating crops, and frosts would be especially pronounced on the ground and above 5 cm above the ground, Đurić says.

Sunny and warm Saturday, temperatures above 15 ° C.
As of April 12, mostly dry and stable, but also somewhat colder.