Produces ‘Promotional News on Testing’ for Latest Munichin-Pelosi Call Stimulation Package

Speaker of the House Nancy PelosiNancy Pelosi Pelosi defends year-round talks with Trump: On money: Cudlow believes Trump can “round up” the Senate GOP behind the coronavirus relief deal. To record U.S. loss spikes.1T Romney condemns Trump for refusing to deny Quennon on national television MoreDeputy Chief of Staff Drew Hamill said on Saturday that there had been some “encouraging news about the test” following the speaker’s call with the Treasury Secretary. Steven ManuchinSteven Turner Munuchin Palosi refuses to talk to Trump all year: Cudlow believes Trump can “round up” the Senate GOP behind the coronavirus relief deal. U.S. To record deficit spikes.1T U.S. Deficit spikes will record .1 trillion more in epidemic costs in 2020 To discuss details on a possible fifth coronavirus relief package.

The call is the latest in a series of back-and-forth stimulus talks that have stalled because the White House has been unable to reach a deal with the congressional leadership.

The news is coming President TrumpDonald John Trump Michigan court overturns absentee ballot extension Trump jokes they will “find a way” to fire the governor. If Florida loses Biden, Trump’s response to an attempt to kidnap the governor of Michigan will be removed: ‘What’s wrong with this guy?’ More And his administration is pushing to pass a stimulus bill just weeks before the Nov. 3 election. Earlier this month, Trump canceled negotiations altogether in a tweet after he encouraged Congress to “grow up or go home” on a coronavirus stimulus package.

However, the senator is the majority leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mitch) Michelle McCall null Republicans increasingly distance themselves from Trump on money: Cudlow believes Trump can ’round up’ the Senate GOP behind the coronavirus relief deal. 1T Hill’s Campaign Report to Record U.S. Loss Spikes: Democrats Break Senate Record Breaking Funds (R-Q.) And other top Republican stim offers more than 1 trillion stimuli.

Hamil News tweeted The conversation between Pelosi and Munuchin lasted about an hour, saying late Saturday evening.

“While there has been some encouraging news about testing, there is still work to be done to ensure a comprehensive testing plan that includes additional measures to address tracing of contact and disproportionate effects on virus color communities.”

Hemmel added that after the discussion, there were still “an array of additional differences as the provision should move forward by provision, which must be widely considered in the next 48 to 48 hours.”

“Decisions must be made by the White House to show that the administration is serious about reaching a bilateral agreement that provides the greatest need for Americans during an epidemic.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-key.) Announced Saturday afternoon That the Senate on Wednesday passed a billion 500 billion G.O.P. Coronavirus will vote on the relief bill.

The Senate bill is less than a third of the size of the White House’s $ 1.8 trillion offer and much lower than the $ 2.2 trillion package passed by congressional Democrats earlier this month.

Speaking in Kentucky this week, McConnell expressed skepticism that a package of $ 1.8 trillion and 2. 2.2 trillion could be achieved, adding that Senate Republicans would need to be supported even if Pelosi was able to reach a deal with the Trump administration.

“I do not think so. That’s where the administration is ready to go. My members think that half a trillion dollars, very targeted, is the best way to go, ”McConnell said.

However, McConnell added that the Senate would “consider” a deal reached between the White House and the Democrats.

“If Speaker Pelosi ever allows the House to reach a bilateral agreement with the administration, the Senate will of course consider it. But Americans need help now, “he said.

The detailed Senate bill by McConnell Saturday includes a second round of small-business assistance under the Federal Unemployment Benefit and Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

In A pre-recorded interview Sunday broadcast on “Press full court with Greta van Susteren”. Lindsay GrahamLindsay Olin GrahamHillikan Valley: Trump refuses to condemn Quenn | Twitter revises its policy, allowing users to share controversial articles Republicans increasingly see Google to distance itself from Trump’s presidency Foreign cyber threats: Senate judiciary to vote for Mark Zuckerberg on subpena no more (RSC) said Congress should stay “big and smart” on the next coronavirus relief package.

The senator added that while he thinks more money is needed, he does not agree with the policy elements of the House proposal.

“The 2. 2.2 trillion ballot coming out of the House is a harvest order. What is covid to do? “And you don’t need a Social Security number to get the support 1,200 payment, which I support, so a lot of the money goes to illegal immigrants,” Graham said.

“There are some Republicans who don’t want to spend anymore,” Graham added. “I think we need more money, but we don’t need policy provisions like the House.”