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Senate Democrats reach a deal to increase unemployment insurance

Senate Democrats on Friday evening struck a deal to increase unemployment insurance in President Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package, which, according to a Senate aide, suspended other proceedings for about nine hours. Why it’s important: The Senate may now resume voting on other amendments to the Comprehensive Defense …

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Democrats have backed Trump’s $ 2,000 stimulus check demand

Democrats are debating President Trump’s call for Congress to amend the COVID Relief Bill to increase direct payments to Americans from $ 600 to $ 2,000. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California.) Responded to the Commander-in-Chief’s Tuesday night video, where he eagerly outlined his demands, “Let’s do it!” “Republicans often refuse …

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Kelly Lofler reiterates that Trump did not lose the 2020 election during the Georgia Senate debate against Rafael Warnock

Senator Kelly Lofler repeatedly refused to accept it on Sunday President Trump She lost the re-election in November as she decided before her Democratic opponent Reverend Rafael Warnock’s twin, two-pair Georgia runoff election, to decide which party controls the Senate. Specially asked about President-elect Joe BidenGeorgia’s victory and whether she …

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