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White House moles that take away intellectual property

Johnson & Johnson’s Johnson Coronavirus Disease (COVD-19) vaccine. Johnson and Johnson by Reuters The White House is considering enhancing intellectual property protection on Covid-19 vaccines. The move would allow other countries to replicate existing vaccines. The United States has so far approved three shots: one developed by American company Pfizer …

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Vote on House to override Trump’s defense bill veto

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Democratic-controlled House voted overwhelmingly to override President Donald Trump’s defense policy bill, setting the stage for what would be the president’s first veto override. Members of the House voted 322-87 to override the veto on Monday, more than the two-thirds required to override. The Senate, which …

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Democrats fear COVID-19 outbreak could cost Nancy Pelosi her job

Democrats in Congress are sweating over the possibility that coronavirus Nancy Pelosi could spend her job. The party is facing a very narrow majority next year and some members fear an unusually hit coronavirus outbreak that could lead to the expected election of the House Speaker. “Let’s say, in principle, …

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