U.S. CDC: Travel ‘low risk’ for vaccinated people; Tours are not recommended

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Disease Control and Prevention on Friday People who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 can safely travel at “low risk,” the centers said, but Americans do not recommend doing so because of high coronavirus cases across the country.

The CDC’s replacement in the guidelines should be a pill in hand for the travel industry, which has been struggling with drowning in passengers since the onset of the epidemic in 2020.

But CDC director Rochelle Valensky told reporters that despite the new guidelines for vaccinated people, there is still no good time to travel.

“We know we have a number of cases right now. I would advocate against normal travel as a whole.” “We are not recommending travel at this time, especially for unsuspecting individuals.”

Even as vaccinations increased, the CDC stopped changing its travel guidelines, causing concern to the travel industry.

His new guideline on Friday seems to be an attempt to draw a needle to accept that the vaccine has made travel significantly safer, trying to prevent a big increase until more people are shot.

Grandparents in the new guideline Greenlight have been vaccinated to see grandchildren, for example, and say that caution should be exercised when traveling and to maintain social distance unless VVD-19 testing and quarantine is required before or after the trip.

Airlines, a group representing major U.S. airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines Southwest Airlines, and other business groups, hastily told the CDC on March 22 that “vaccinated people can travel safely.”

Air travel is still 43% below the pre-Covid level and business and international travel is still having a much tighter impact.

The airline group praised the CDC’s “updated travel guide” which eases “travel restrictions for individuals with full vaccinations”.

Roger Doe, chief executive of the US Travel Association, said: “The new travel guide is a big step in the right direction that has been endorsed by science and will take a break from the industry that has been hit hardest by the collapse of the cove.

The administration will not impose sanctions on most non-US citizens of the United States who are currently in China, Brazil, South Africa and most of Europe. Almost all international American air visitors are also required to obtain a negative COVID-19 test before traveling to the United States.

A U.S. official said talks were under way on how and when the travel bans would be lifted by the Biden administration, but that no change had taken place. The United States still maintains restrictions on Canadian and Mexican borders that prevent unwanted visitors.

The CDC’s new guidelines state that people vaccinated before international travel do not require COVID-19 tests and unless vaccinated by an international destination and those returning from overseas travel do not require self-quarantine after returning to the United States. That state or local authorities.

The CDC has repeatedly refused in recent weeks to change guidelines, reiterating that it is still frustrating all non-essential travel due to concerns over new variables.

Many Americans do not follow the CDC’s advice.

U.S. by the Transportation Security Administration on Thursday. 1.56 million people were screened at the airport, down from 1.57 million on Sunday, the highest daily total since March 2020. The last time the number of airport passengers was less than 1 million was on March 10.

The Biden administration has taken steps to reduce international travel and mandatory masks in all types of public transport. The administration is not removing any mask rules.

The administration is sticking to its goal that all adults will be eligible for the vaccine in the coming weeks. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fausi told reporters that studies have shown that children will also be able to be vaccinated.

“There are ongoing studies in children that run from six months to 11 years. And by the end of this year we should have enough information that will be able to vaccinate children of virtually any age.”