Lightning strikes volcano erupting in an incredible photo

People, extreme weather doesn’t make events worse.

In Japan, Sakurajima volcano erupts with lava and ash plumes.

A Reuters photographer with a short time, one of the world’s most active volcanoes – was able to capture the spectacular phenomenon in an image that depicts the most powerful phenomenon of nature in an epic collision.

Volcanic lightning – which appears to be striking a volcano or over its mouth – is not uncommon; However, scientists have not yet understood why this happens, as volcanic eruptions can be difficult to study closely, according to living science.

One theory is that static electricity, billing is caused by the colliding particles of smoke clouds, which prompts energy bolts – a process experienced on a human basis by static jolt. Another argument suggests that ice crystals, rats flying high, and water vapor can also overturn the physical (e.g., flying from the heights). Physics) The same reaction as how free-lightning storms occur.

According to local reports, there were no reports of injuries or severe damage to communities near Sakurajima. Earlier this year, the Philippine Taal volcano held a similar light show – and nearly 300,000 residents were forced to evacuate.