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The tsunami is surviving in Japan after a decade

AP Photos: The tsunami is surviving in Japan after a decade By Foster KLUG March 8, 2021 GMT https://apnews.com/article/japan-tsunamis-asia-pacific-439137ab0634c818e1bccefd60f8b129 Tokyo (AP) – Images still have the power to shock. The stunned survivors were trapped between the wreckage and the twisted iron of the giant marine tanker, which was once a …

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Lightning strikes volcano erupting in an incredible photo

People, extreme weather doesn’t make events worse. In Japan, Sakurajima volcano erupts with lava and ash plumes. A Reuters photographer with a short time, one of the world’s most active volcanoes – was able to capture the spectacular phenomenon in an image that depicts the most powerful phenomenon of nature …

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The mysterious ‘angel figure’ appeared on Mars by spacecraft

An ‘angel figure’ has appeared on the surface of Mars by the European Space Agency. Scientists were using the Mars Express spacecraft to observe around Mars’ south pole when they discovered what looked like an ice angel formation on Earth. Researchers may have felt the festive feeling when they pointed …

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