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Inactive for 6,000 years in Iceland, Fagredals Mountain Volcano

Mount Fagredles volcano in southwestern Iceland has been dormant for 6,000 years. But on Friday night, the following Earthquake weeks in the area, The volcano came to life. The eruption is the first that the Reckless Peninsula, where the volcano is located, has experienced in 781 years. The video of …

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Archaeologists find ancient “snack bar” in Pompeii ruins

The city of Pompeii was buried in a devastating volcanic eruption in AD, but archaeologists are still unearthing extraordinary structures in the area. On Saturday, they unveiled their new invention – a very well-preserved ancient “snack bar.” Officials said the Reggio V’s thermopolyum would be a shop selling hot food, …

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Lightning strikes volcano erupting in an incredible photo

People, extreme weather doesn’t make events worse. In Japan, Sakurajima volcano erupts with lava and ash plumes. A Reuters photographer with a short time, one of the world’s most active volcanoes – was able to capture the spectacular phenomenon in an image that depicts the most powerful phenomenon of nature …

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