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Lightning strikes volcano erupting in an incredible photo

People, extreme weather doesn’t make events worse. In Japan, Sakurajima volcano erupts with lava and ash plumes. A Reuters photographer with a short time, one of the world’s most active volcanoes – was able to capture the spectacular phenomenon in an image that depicts the most powerful phenomenon of nature …

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The woman rescued a dog lost in the foam of the sea

A dog swallowed a sea of ​​brown foam on the east coast of Australia on Monday, until its owner miraculously found it. The owner of the cub was caught on a boring video wedding on Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast of Buron Bay, according to a report from the …

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Lightning strikes over 100 in India | World News

At least 107 people were killed by lightning in northern and eastern India, authorities said, during the early stages of the annual monsoon season. Some 83 people were killed in the impoverished eastern state of Bihar after being struck by lightning, and another 24 died in the northern state of …

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