An innovative platform for quantum simulation

Fig. 1. Scheme of metal-like quantum gas. Credit: NINS / IMS The electronic properties of condensed matter are often determined by an intricate competition between kinetic energy that aims to superimpose and delocalize electronic wave functions through the crystal lattice, and to locate electron-electron interactions. In contrast, the gas phase …

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Mel Gibson’s role in ‘Chicken Run’ sequel to be recast

Although a sequel to Aardman’s animated stop-motion movie “Chicken Run” is being prepared, one of the original film’s voice actors Mel Gibson will not be returning, two people with knowledge of the production told TheWrap. Because the sequel to “Chicken Run” will go into production next year, one person explains …

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Team Introduces Catalyst That Can Break Troubled CF Links

An Artistic Illustration of the Light Activated Antenna-Reactor Catalyst Rice University engineers designed to break down carbon-fluorine bonds in fluorocarbons. The aluminum portion of the particle (white and pink) captures light energy (green), activating islands of palladium catalysts (red). In the box, fluoromethane molecules (above) made up of one carbon …

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