Signed the first contract for a tourist walk in outer space, the Russian Space Corporation reveals

Technology 12:36 GMT 06.25.2020(Updated 13:07 GMT 06.25.2020) Get short URL Sputnik International Sputnik Roscosmos and Space Adventures have been cooperating in space tourism since 2001, when the first space tourist, Dennis Tito, entered orbit. Since then, a total of seven people have been in space under …

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Minnesota Files Lawsuit Against Fossil Fuel Companies

The state of Minnesota yesterday filed a lawsuit against the American Petroleum Institute (API), Exxon Mobil Corp and Koch Industries that stated that the companies violated Minnesota laws prohibiting consumer fraud, deceptive business practices and false advertising. Minnesota is the first state to name the API, the largest oil and …

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New directory for catechesis launched

The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization publishes a new Directory for Catechesis, which provides guidelines for the Church’s mission to proclaim the Gospel through catechesis and evangelization. By Vatican News The long-awaited updated directory for catechesis was released at the Vatican on Thursday. It was written …

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