Viih puts Fiuk against the wall on feeling for Thaís


During the “BBB 21” party early today, Viih Tube spoke with Fiuk and Thaís together and asked the actor about his fear of giving himself up for an affair with his sister on the reality show Rede Globo.

I know you, Fiuk. I know you as I know you. I know you were afraid of being cheated on by romance, and you were afraid of giving in to friendship, thinking you were going to cheat on her.

The sister wanted to know if her theory was the reason for leaving her out of her VIP group. “Why didn’t you put her in the VIP (when Fiuk was leader)? Wasn’t that why?”

Fiuk confirmed the thesis and Thaís played with Viih Tube to be able to decipher the brother. “That girl is my pride,” he said.

Viih also says that she saw inconsistencies in Camilla de Lucas’ picking Fiuk for her VIP group. “I’ll tell you: Camilla is very special to you, I know. It’s not that you’re wrong, but that she feels (Thaís) that you were wrong. Because she didn’t have you as ‘ah, my boyfriend’. She had you in her heart, as a person, above all, because he feels you ”.

The brother again agreed with the sister’s analysis. “I will complement one thing: Camilla had a question or two about me that Tatá never had.”

The youtuber, then, ended the analysis of the son of the singer Fábio Jr., saying that he understood seeing him with fear of hurting Thaís.

Do you know what your fear is? To hurt Thaís. Like, ‘I’m taking her to the VIP, do you think I like her, the dates, the feelings …?’ I know you, Fiuk!

Fiuk, once again, nodded: “That and some other things,” he finished.

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