Juliette says she saw Caio convince Gil not to give him an angel


Juliette ventured into room “BBB 21” after crying in the colorful room. She was initially moved to tears after a game with Fiuk that made Thaís jealous and she was comforted on the couch by João Luiz and Camilla. Juliette said that it was only the trigger and that many things were making her sick in the last few days.

He mentioned the probability of going back to the wall and then said he saw Caio trying to convince Gilberto not to give Juliette angel immunity. Gil and Fiuk are the angels of the week and they must decide, together, who will be the protégé.

“I caught Caio trying to convince Gil that regardless of who he is going to give the angel to, Gil will make Fiuk clear [no paredão]. I heard. Nobody spoke to me. It was horrible. And he said: if you give [o anjo] for Juliette, Fiuk will [para o paredão].

“Did Caio say that?” Asked João. Juliette nodded and continued, in a choked voice: “He tried to convince Gil not to give me the angel. Because if Gil convinced Fiuk to give, Fiuk would. [para a berlinda]. Now I don’t know if it is real or if it is a threat ”.

After Sarah’s removal, who deserves to win the show?


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