Liberating church is illegal, irrational and anti-Christian – 04/04/2021


Sent to the Supreme Court for sharing sips of tubaína with Bolsonaro, Minister Nunes Marques did one more favor to his patron: with a pen, he authorized the operation of churches in the midst of a pandemic. Its submission is illegal, irrational and un-Christian.

The decision is illegal because the decrees of governors and mayors that temporarily prohibited the celebration of services and masses are based on Law 13,979. He was sanctioned by Bolsonaro. It allows states and municipalities to impose restrictive measures to inhibit the spread of the coronavirus.

The order is irrational because only one minister opposed the Supreme Court ruling. The court unanimously recognized that governors and mayors have the power to enact restrictive sanitary measures to combat the coronavirus in their territories.

Bolsonaro’s mascot robe is anti-Christian because it runs over even the Holy Scriptures. Nunes Marques treated the tablets of Moses with abject contempt. The virus, as we know, kills. And the conversion of churches into covidiaries promotes a murderous recount of “you shall not kill.”

On a day when the total number of deaths from covid surpassed the 330,000 mark, Nunes Marques made a rare concession to the obvious: “I recognize that the moment is one of caution, in view of the pandemic context we are living in.”

But the minister turned the obvious into the foundation of madness: “… Precisely because we live in such difficult times, it is more necessary to recognize the essentiality of religious activity, responsible, among other functions, for providing welcome and spiritual comfort.” ,.

The National Association of Evangelical Jurists sponsors the appeal to the Supreme Court to open churches. There are doubts about the legitimacy of this entity to address the Supreme on behalf of the congregations.

Certain “jurists”, “magistrates” and “authorities” defend God’s interests with such ease that they will end up forcing the Almighty to prove that he exists, sending Jesus back to Earth to whisper in the ears of his defenders:

“With love, gentlemen, with love. Whole ICUs demand empty churches. ‘Spiritual comfort’ can be obtained online. Concerned about the tithe? Remember this: the death of the flock extinguishes the collection.”