surfer has broken surfboard by inspector in Guarujá


The Guarujá Municipal Civil Guard team got into trouble with the surfers who invaded the beaches of the city during the confinement, yesterday morning (2). As shown in a video circulating on social media, there were exchanges of insults, apprehension and even broken boards, in addition to the use of a weapon.

According to the images, an inspector, who is not from the Guard, but responsible for ensuring compliance with the decree that prevents the use of the beaches, throws two boards into the sand and one of them ends up breaking. The video also shows one of the GCM guards holding a firearm and then handcuffing a man.

GCM explained that the people present physically assaulted the inspectors and the guards were called in to protect the employees. One person was taken to the police station for contempt of authority and the police registered a police report.

The Guarujá City Council reported that the case occurred during a crowding event on the Pernambuco beach, which had surfers in violation of the restriction decree. The group would have been instructed to leave the scene, but would have defied the inspection team.

The administration also made it clear that if any disproportionate action is found, the episode will win an administrative investigation, with possible sanction for those responsible.

What does the city say?

In a note, the Guarujá City Council declared that all citizens have the same rights and duties and, therefore, cannot allow privileges for certain groups. The statement also indicates that it is a standard guide for inspection teams and the GCM to act within the law and with operational practices for this type of episode.

On social media, a group of residents of the city defended the guards and inspectors and criticized the behavior of the surfers. “People an hour, patience also runs out, right? I’m not saying that [guardas e fiscais] They are right, but the emotional and mental exhaustion are real, they are following orders, and for the good of the population, it is worth respecting, if the Brazilian obeyed from the beginning we would not have reached that chilling number that unfortunately we reached ”, said a citizen.

“The sad thing is that people do not understand that many are losing their friends and family and do not respect the decrees,” commented another neighbor.


The state is in the emergency phase of the São Paulo Plan to try to reduce the number of covid-19 cases. Many coastal cities have tightened the decrees, placing barriers on the beaches and limiting the movement of people on the streets.

On Wednesday, the most recent update from the City Council reported that the occupancy rate of people hospitalized with covid-19 in the city’s ICUs was 88% and 100% in the ward.