Nunes Marques refutes Kalil and reaffirms liberation of services and masses in BH


Alexandre Kalil and Nunes Marques
Alexandre Kalil and Nunes Marques
Photo: SCO-STF and Allan Calisto / Futura Press / Estadão Content

The STF minister, Nunes Marques, summoned the mayor of Belo Horizonte, Alexandre Kalil, on Saturday night (3) of the decision that services and masses are also allowed in the capital of Minas Gerais.

Previously, Kalil said on his Twitter account that he would follow the decision of the STF plenary session and, against the court order of Nunes Marques, he would maintain the ban on masses and services this Easter Sunday.

The minister considered the declaration serious and asked the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation to adopt the appropriate measures against the mayor “given the seriousness of the public declaration of an authority that it does not intend to comply with a decision of this Supreme Federal Court.”

The minister also decided to mobilize the Federal Police if police action is needed to allow churches and temples to function.

In the decision, Nunes Marques says that “given the fact that the intention of the Mayor of Belo Horizonte, through his official Twitter account, was not widely disseminated in the media, not to comply with the preliminary decision granted in these records, and statement of the Attorney General’s Office giving knowledge of the same facts, said authority is informed for the knowledge and immediate compliance of said decision, having to clarify, within 24 hours, the measures taken, under penalty of responsibility, even in the criminal sphere under the law “.

The minister summoned the Federal Police Superintendency in Minas Gerais “to guarantee compliance with the precautionary measure granted in these files, in case there is any resistance from the municipal authority or its employees to comply with it.”

Nunes Marques launched services and masses in the country this Sunday (4), at the request of the National Association of Evangelical Jurists. Despite this, Mayor Alexandre Kalil published that “in Belo Horizonte, we follow the plenary session of the Federal Supreme Court. What matters is the mayor’s decree. Face-to-face services and masses are prohibited.”