Next to be sold and put on DVD. Gre-Nal gives the base morale


Of the 11 players who celebrated on the pitch, in the instant following the final whistle of the Gre-Nal 430, yesterday (3), nine passed through the Grêmio base. As striking as the number, it is the fact that it was the young people who decided the first classic against the international of the season. Not surprisingly, Renato Portaluppi heaped praise and spoke slogans about them.

The coach said defender Ruan was the “next to be sold.” And Léo Chú heard that the goal scored against Inter is worthy of DVD.

Diogo Barbosa and Lucas Silva were the “intruders” in Grêmio at the end of Gre-Nal. The team that started the classic had an average of 25.8 years. The team that finished dropped the number to 22.1.

Maicon, Alisson, Pinares, Ferreira and Diego Souza came out throughout the game. Of the quintet, Ferreira is the youngest (23 years old).

Who was in the field from beginning to end was Rouen. Without Geromel and Kannemann, Grêmio watched the 21-year-old play a safe game. In addition to the precision of tackles and interceptions, the 44 jersey still exuded coolness to go out and play.

“Ruan is a player with whom I have been talking to the president for a year. To bet, to renew his contract. He is a player who is going to stand out a lot. I said that when he went to play, he was going to impress a lot of people. Not me, because I know him. I have been giving advice, talking to them a lot. He is the next to be sold, you can be sure. Before, he will give us joy, but then he will be coveted, “said Renato.

Léo Chú, who entered the final stretch of the classic, added speed and daring to Grêmio. The kick with the right foot, delivered by a southpaw, won praise from the coach.

“I gave him a hug and told him it was a great goal, a special goal. It would be on my DVD,” Renato said, when asked about a conversation with the attacking midfielder on the Arena do Grêmio grass.

It must be said that Renato has given more space to the youngsters at the beginning of this season. But it is also essential to mention that there was a request from the board of directors and half of the main cast also received paid time off. In the absence of the elders, the youths introduced themselves to the general public.

The participation of the Grêmio grassroots players had already been clear in previous matches, but now they have an even greater weight for being against Internacional. In addition to Ruan and Léo Chú, Brenno, Vanderson and Darlan also stood out.

Brenno, late in the first half, defended Praxedes’s point-blank shot. In the second half, he returned to show attention at goal exits. Vanderson provided offensive support and scoring vigor. Darlan replaced Maicon and helped breathe more in the fight against the Inter sector.

The guild of the next few weeks may even continue with the youth. But in the medium and long term, the idea is a little different.

“This year, more than ever, we have a lot of boys in the professional. Léo scored a nice goal, but we have to take things slowly so as not to burn the boys. We need experience too. The boys will help, me.” I am very happy to finish Gre-Nal with nine guys on the field. (Now) To continue this work, I am sure that we are on the right track. But Grêmio is attentive to the market, “said Renato Portaluppi after Gre-Nal.

Grêmio back on the field against Independiente Del Valle from Ecuador on Wednesday (7). The match opens the duel of the last stage of the preliminary round of the Copa Libertadores. The youngsters will be there, but it remains to be seen whether on the team or on the bench.