Café de la Musique in Florianópolis is celebrating amid the explosion of covid-19 cases – Brazil


Despite calls from doctors and health authorities, this afternoon of Friday 2, at the Café de La Musique, in Florianópolis (SC), a ballad with music, alcoholic beverages and the participation of hundreds of people without masks and without respecting the rules of social distancing. one of the most famous “beach clubs” in Brazil.

Café de La Musique is on Jurerê Internacional beach and is known for the constant presence of politicians and businessmen from all over the country. The agglomeration occurred even with the capital of Santa Catarina having implemented strict rules to try to prevent the spread of the virus and register the hospital capacity of patients with covid-19.

According to the latest epidemiological bulletin from the Florianópolis City Council, this Saturday the 3rd, there were only two ICU beds for adults available in the capital’s health network. The information, according to the municipality, is based on a state report. Of a total of 241 beds, 239 are occupied. Until this Saturday, 753 people died from covid-19 in Florianópolis.

Videos on social media show Café de La Musique customers talking and dancing near tables. The Military Police reported that an event was recorded at the site at 8:30 pm on Friday.

Battalion 21, in charge of patrolling the region, which is located north of Florianópolis, received a complaint that a party was being held at the establishment. But when the garrison arrived at the place, late at night, they found that it was closed to the public and that the restaurant was operating with distribution, as determined by the regulations in force in the municipality.

Café de La Musique staff said the venue normally functioned as a restaurant in the afternoon, as authorized for city hours, and that the establishment’s “inspection team” was unable to prevent customers from getting up from their tables. .

The beach club also said that their bungalows are closed and that at 7 pm there was no one else inside the establishment. It also argued that it was complying with the rule of operating with up to 25% of the total capacity. The staff, however, did not know how many people were in the restaurant. The establishment’s website states that the capacity is for 1,100 people.

Note do “beach club” Café de La Musique

According to the current decree, Café de la Musique can open as a restaurant selling drinks until 6 in the afternoon and with 25% of the public capacity. What was respected, with only the outside tables cleared, the bungalows closed and a strict entry control, with less than the allowed capacity.

The site works with an inspection team to ensure that customers abide by the rules and remain seated as long as possible, but which was sadly not respected by them, as captured in the video.

At 6:00 pm the sale of drinks was suspended and at 7:00 pm there was no one else at the Café de la Música Jurerê Internacional, which can be attested by the competent control bodies that came to the place and confirmed this.