Twitch banned words ‘Simp’ and ‘Virgin’

Twitch banned words for the title Simp and Virgin (real Simps and Virgins are still welcome)

Photo: Martin Bureau / Contributor (Getty Images)

As part of Ongoing The process of Retolling Its policies Surrounded by harassment and hateful behavior, Twitch announced Wednesday that “simple,” “words,“And” Virgin “will no longer be allowed on the platform As long as they are used by Streamers and commenters as insults. If used in a friendly way, the words, probably, are still fine to use.

A spokesman for Twitch said in a statement Edge That’s what the platform plans to do Take action against the use of those termsEspecially when it is used to negatively refer to another person’s sexual practices. “ The spokesperson added that the terms should be used in a way that does not actively offend other users, No execution will lead, But we will take action if they are used in a way that is often harassing.

The new rules will officially Go into effect January 22nd, and will Include strict policies Around sexual harassment. Another of the new prohibited behaviors “Giving abusive statements about another person’s sexual practices or sexual morality”And “Frequently targeting a person with sexually-focused terms such as ‘adultery’ or ‘virginity’ in a negative way.”

During a live-broadcast townhall on Wednesday afternoon, Twitch COO Sara Clemens said words like “Simple,” Insell, “and” Virgin “aren’t particularly acceptable as they often are. Deployed as “insult to negatively refer to another’s sexual activity”Clemens also noted that the platform will monitor emotions, a WheelbarrowSpecial set Emoticons, for restricted conditions, and will remove it when reported.

In June, Twitch said it was After the platform “Twitch is committed to continuing our efforts to create a safe environment.” Finally the countdown began With The wave of sexual harassment and hateful content complaints that had plagued him for so long.

There is no word on how the moderators will implement the new ban, however, they have cut off their work for them; T.A lot of people here call each other simple on Twitch.