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Scientists challenge latest discovery of biosignature on Venus

Venus, conceived by NASA Mariner in 1974 in 10 investigations.Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech Last month’s bombshell study made the extraordinary claim of finding a type of atom on Venus associated with life. An independent re-evaluation of the methods used in the paper, searching for “no statistical evidence” for the biomarker, …

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Guess what NASA’s amazing Moon Discovery What Beat

Obviously we’re going to learn something new about the moon on Monday. What could it be?Image: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Gizmodo Big news, everyone: NASA Says It will unveil “an exciting new discovery about the moon” on Monday. Any guesses about what it will be? The space agency’s sneak peek …

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Killing Apple’s popular app that lets you play Stdia on iOS

Photo: Alex Cranz Yet another gaming The app is being removed from iOS App Store. This time it is Stadium, An application that offered a workround for this fact You can’t get Google’s Stadia Cloud gaming service on iOS. The stadium works by Streaming Stadia games via web browser. This …

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