Trump will rally in Georgia on the eve of the Senate runoff election

President Trump and the Republican National Committee said Sunday that the president will hold a rally in Dalton, Georgia, the night before the state on Jan. 4. Decisive Senate runoff election. Republicans need to hold at least one of those Senate seats to retain a majority in the Senate, while Democrats need to win both a 0-50 tie, including Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris as a tie-break vote.

“On behalf of two great senators, sendavidperdue And KLoeffler, I will go to Georgia on Monday night, January 4th, to do a big and spectacular rally. It is so important for our country that they win! ” Mr. Trump tweeted Sunday night.

Mr. Trump announced that he would be moving to Georgia soon The White House announced He billion 1. Signed the $ 900 billion Covid-19 Economic Relief Bill with a billion 900 trillion government spending bill. Both Republican senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loffler, who refused to sign the bill for nearly a week, were put on a rough spot ahead of the runoff as they both voted for it. Both Perdu and Loffler immediately issued statements thanking Mr. Trump for the bill.

Neither Perdue nor Loffler won 50% of the vote in November, forcing a run-off election. The parade was led by anti-Democratic Jon Sof, and while Rafael Warnock received the most votes in his race, Loffler and Republican congressman Doug Collins combined got more votes than him.

President Trump Rally in Georgia for Senate Candidates Loffler and Purdue
President Donald Trump St. David Perdue (R-GA) and Sen. Kelly Loffler attends a meeting in Valdosta, Georgia on December 5, 2020 in support of R-GA. Ators have rallied with senators ahead of the crucial runoff election for Parado and Loffler on January, which will determine who will control the United States Senate.

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The competition has attracted significant amounts of money, and last week, Osof alone became the highest-funded Senate candidate, collecting 10 7,107 million between October 15 and December 15.

At Mr. Trump’s previous rally in Georgia, he falsely insisted that “we win the election” and the state in particular. Mr. Trump has refused to accept a general election, and he has fired Republican election officials in Georgia, who were blue for President-elect Joe Biden, while large numbers of voters were claiming fraud and rigged elections.

On Dec. 14, Electoral College Mr. Legge confirmed Mr. Biden’s victory and filed several lawsuits challenging the failed election results in the courtroom, with Mr. Trump expressing hope that the election results would be overturned if both houses of Congress agreed to accept the results. Many key states will meet when they meet for a vote count on Jan. 6, but Democrat Mitch McConnell, the leader of the House of Representatives and Senate majority, said last week that G.O.P. Senators were told not to object to the election results when calling a joint session.

Senator John Thuen, a Republican and majority whip from South Dakota, said the attempt to throw out state election votes “just doesn’t go anywhere.”

On December 21, Thuen told reporters that he would go down like a shot dog in the Senate.

Dalton, where the Jan. 4 rally will take place, is one of Georgia’s busiest housing districts. In January, the district will be represented by Republicans Marjorie Taylor Green, Who has promoted QN conspiracy theories and is a staunch ally of Mr. Trump.

The Republican National Committee said all participants in the Dalton rally will have to have their temperatures checked, given masks that have been “instructed to wear” and have access to hand sanitizers. The rally is being held at the airport hangar, a familiar venue for Mr. Trump’s pre-election rallies.