Traders are watching earnings and epidemic concerns as European stocks and US equity futures rise.

On March 12, 2020, in Liverpool, in the north-west of England, members of the public were advised to “maintain social distance”.

Paul Ellis / France Press Agency / Getty Images

European equities tumbled to an inch from early losses on Wednesday, while US stock futures also rose as investors worried about earnings news and the COVID-19 epidemic.

Stoxx Europe 600 Index SXXXP,
After breaking a three-season winning streak on Tuesday with a decline of 0.6%, adopted 0.2%. German DAX DAX,
And French CAC 40 PX1,
Increased 0.1%. Euro EURUSD was stable.

0.4%, Brexit worries boosted by sending pound GBPUSD,
+ 0.10%
Lower sooner. U.S. And sterling stabilized at $ 1.2927 ahead of Thursday’s deadline for Brexit talks by the European Union.

U.S. Stock futures were ES00, following the rally

Nasdaq-100 futures rose about 0.3% across the board, including the NQ100.
Some U.S. Shares fell to lower levels on Tuesday after drug manufacturers reportedly shocked their COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

Negotiations stalled in Congress for a coronavirus concern and other stimulus package have overshadowed the earnings news, which continues on Wednesday, with financial Goldm Sachs Sachs GS,
And Bank of America BAC,

In Europe, shares of travel-related stocks were under pressure due to England’s new three-tier COVID-19 restrictions.

Shares of International Consolidated Airlines IAG.
Dutshe Lufthansa LHA,
And Rainier RY4C,
All fell 3% or more.

In European earnings news, ASML shares ASML holding ASML,

+ 1.53%
The Dutch manufacturer of semiconductor equipment fell sharply to 2% after a sharp third-quarter net profit, but cautioned against uncertainties due to the macroeconomic environment.

Shares of TOM2,
+ 0.28%
The Dutch navigational systems maker posted a net loss in the broader third quarter and rose 0.5% after warning of a sharp decline in full-year revenue.

Take Takeway TKWY, Just
+ 5.28%
The shares rose 4%. Giles Thorne, an equity analyst at Jefferies, said the food-delivery service’s order growth in the third quarter was a further 46.1% and its investment program looks set to pay off.