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Renter connects Stalantis Trailhead charging stations for 4xe

Photo: Jeep When the Jeep Wrangler 4xe received its Environmental Protection Agency evaluation, all of its electric range became a bit disappointing. Announced as having an all-electric range of 25-miles, it only expands to 21. When it’s okay For Jeep, it’s not yet ideal for plug-in hybrids. Therefore, Stalantis has …

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A jump in gas prices puts 3 gallons

U.S. The prospect of summer drivers filling up on the highway is gaining ground in the price of gasoline, a sign of economic recovery and an epidemic devastation is a boon for the energy industry. Considering oil recovery and growing consumer demand, gasoline prices at U.S. pumps hit an average …

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Now a national security threat to China

Elon Musk poses for photos with buyers during a Tesla China-made Model Dull 3 delivery ceremony in Shanghai.Photo: STR / AFP (Getty Images) Impossible to work with members of the People’s Liberation Army, all styles and pennants affordable by Elon Musk’s amazing cars. Citing “national security” concerns, the Chinese government …

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