Tilahun Woldemichael, an Ethiopian Orthodox monk who is said to be 114 years old, survives the coronavirus

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia: An Ethiopian Orthodox monk whose family says he is 114 years old has survived the coronavirus.

Tilahun Woldemichael was released from a hospital on Thursday after nearly three weeks. He received oxygen and dexamethasone, a cheap and widely available steroid that researchers in England say reduced deaths by up to a third in seriously ill hospitalized patients.

Ethiopia’s health minister said the ministry recommends the emergency use of the drug for patients with COVID-19 who require ventilation or oxygen.

Tilahun’s grandson Biniam Leulseged said he does not have a birth certificate to prove the monk’s age, but showed a photo of him celebrating his 100th birthday.

“He also looked young back then,” Biniam told The Associated Press on Saturday.

He said he was excited when his grandfather was taken to the hospital, but “I am very happy because we are together again.”

Ethiopia has more than 5,200 confirmed cases of the virus.

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