“YouTube drowns novice bloggers”: why content makers are not satisfied with the new rules

The new rules for the YouTube Partner Program entered into force on February 21, 2018. To participate in the program, the channel must have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours in the last 12 months.
This is the second tightening of the rules for the year. The first was in April 2017 – and to participate in the affiliate program it was necessary to collect 10,000 views over the entire existence of the channel. And for that there were no requirements at all – the channel was tested by moderators, even if there was only 1 video on it.

According to the YouTube team, there was a sharp increase in the number of channels in 2017. The number of video makers who made a living by running the YouTube channel has also grown.
New rules have been introduced to protect the community against spammers, imitators and users who create negative content.

Is Logan Paul in this?
How it will affect the industry
User response
What has changed in the rules
The generation of revenue with channels can be disabled, even if it has more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours. To prevent this, follow the rules of the community that prohibits the following:
Use services to enlarge the views and subscribers.
Encourage viewers to click on contextual ads or do it yourself.
You act as a different YouTube blogger.
Show nudity on camera or upload erotic content.
Demonstrate violence or exaggerated blasphemy.
Speak discriminatory statements or show hatred.
Even large channels disconnect the generation of revenue if they break at least one line. The program can also be disabled if no videos have been added to the channel for more than half a year.
Is Logan Paul in this?
Many YouTube users saw this tight connection with Logan Paul, a blogger who shot a dead man in a forest of suicides in Japan at the end of December, and caused a big scandal, because this video was viewed about 6 million times in one day and then deleted.
However, YouTube employees claim that this is a coincidence and the new rules have been prepared for several weeks. Users are also assured that participation in the partner program does not affect the ranking of clips.
You can enable Russian subtitles

It was the last, but not the only, major scandal of 2017. There were so many that many major advertisers refused to collaborate with YouTube:
Deutsche Bank;
Marks & Spencer;
AT & T;
Johnson & Johnson;
The British government and many others.
The massive withdrawal of advertisers was due to the fact that their ads were integrated into videos with unwanted and sometimes even extremist content. And that was why YouTube decided to better monitor which videos had contextual ads inserted.
How it will affect the industry
Channels that previously participated in the affiliate program, but did not enter it now, will have to invest more in creating content or have to leave YouTube completely. It will also reduce the number of new channels. But only those who plan to earn with clickbate videos, perezalivah and other such things.
That is, the new rules will force to create high-quality content to capture the public. Because imitation channels or clickbate channels are rarely subscribed, it is very difficult to call 1000 subscribers and cheating will not help: it is controlled by moderators when an application is submitted.
Moreover, 4000 hours and 4000 times viewed different things. To collect 4000 hours of views on the five-minute rolls, you must have 48,000 views. And the video should watch until the end.
Many authors who have lost the opportunity to participate in the affiliate program have decided to turn their back on further creativity. In this regard, the network has many questions about including amounts already earned if the account in AdSense is less than $ 100.
Users have already been notified that they can close an AdSense account and receive all the money earned even if they are less than $ 100 or continue to create content until they meet new criteria. You can send a request for participation in the channel exceptions program 30 days after you place a new application.
User response
Users accepted this update ambiguously. On the one hand, many people understand that there will be more high-quality content and less negative content. On the other hand, YouTube is accused of not growing small channels.
Many authors complain that their content is rarely included in the search, and sometimes even subscribers do not see it.

Still care authors say that scandals and discussions about someone else’s content are more popular, and not creativity or social experimentation.
2017 has a big impact on YouTube. Many have lost the ability to participate in the affiliate program because of the new rules. And the rest started earning much less, since the majority of the big advertisers stopped the collaboration.
Now bloggers need to rely more on direct collaboration with advertisers, rather than contextual ads. Brands also started ordering blogger ads directly.