Amazon drivers apologize to Congressmen for accepting issue of drivers urinating in bottles Inc. Rep. Mark Poken has apologized to D-Viz, and accepted his target rather than his initial refusal to suggest that his drivers were sometimes forced to urinate in bottles during their delivery rounds.

“We know that traffic or sometimes rural routes make it difficult for drivers to find restrooms and can do so, and this has happened especially during the Covid when many public restrooms have been closed,” the company said in a blog post.

Democrats released it a week after criticizing Amazon’s working condition, saying in a tweet: “Paying workers $ 15 / hour when you union-bust and urinate workers into water bottles doesn’t make you a ‘progressive workplace’.”

Amazon initially issued a denial, saying in a tweet: “You don’t really see the bottle stuff, do you?” If that were true, no one would work for us. “But he later retracted those comments.

“This one was our own goal, we’re unhappy with it, and we apologize to Representative Poken,” Amazon said in its blog post, adding that its previous response was only given to employees at its warehouses or fulfillment centers.

The company said the issue is industry-wide and will seek solutions without specifying what it could be.

Amazon’s apology comes at a time when workers at the Alabama warehouse are awaiting a vote count that could result in the first union facility of retline retailers in the United States and a watershed moment mark for organized labor.

Amazon disappoints efforts among its more than 800,000 U.S. employees to plan for the long haul. Allegations made by many workers in intrusive or unsafe workplaces led the company to sue the U.S. Has turned into the main goal of the labor movement.