The woman rescued a dog lost in the foam of the sea

A dog swallowed a sea of ​​brown foam on the east coast of Australia on Monday, until its owner miraculously found it.

The owner of the cub was caught on a boring video wedding on Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast of Buron Bay, according to a report from the local shipwrecked 7 News.

“Hazel! The video shows the woman, claiming to be in a white bath, screaming that she had discovered a churning brown bubble, which was as high as her chest.

The clip shows that immediately, the baby emerged and was tied securely in its mother’s arms and the clip shows.

Australia was reported to be more than 600 miles off the east coast of Australia on Monday following heavy rains and high tides, the BBC reported.

The beaches around Byron Bay, a popular tourist destination, have all disappeared, local mayor Simon Richardson told the outlet.

More than 2,000 homes have lost power and the tide has risen to 4 feet, according to the outlet.

Extreme sea and torrential downpours save dog from sea foam as Australian tourist destinations

The strange sea foam captured in the clip is created when impurities such as salts, natural chemicals and dead plants are simultaneously churned by powerful waves, turning the water into thick, brown bubbles, the North Star previously reported.