The massive change in Google Photos affects one billion users

With more than a billion monthly users worldwide, Google Photos is one of the best ways to store and manage your ever-growing collection of photos and videos. Now Google has announced some important changes that will affect all users, and they are so important that the service also received a new logo.

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Just a few days after canceling one of the most baffling features of the services, Google now has a few new ones to share. In an announcement today, Google unveiled a newly redesigned Google Photos experience designed to focus on preserving memories and making it easier to find and relive them.

This means that significant changes are taking place in the familiar interface of Google Photos, which will soon feature a three-tab structure instead of the four-tab version that most of us have become accustomed to. The cut of the new interface is the ‘For you’ tab, which will be removed from the bottom of the screen, leaving only ‘Photos’, ‘Search’ and ‘Library’ remaining.

This change allows Google to give more importance to the Search tab, which now comes with a new interactive map feature, something that has been available in the iOS Photos app for some time.

The Photos tab has also been updated with larger thumbnails, less space between photos and autoplay videos. At the top of the Photos tab, there is a new updated ‘Memories’ carousel.

Sample screenshots from Google reveal that considerable extra space is now devoted to memories. Rather than appearing as small circles with generic ‘1 year ago’ captions, they are now large enough to contain meaningful image content and come with meaningful descriptions such as ‘Isabella and Mom’ or ‘Recent Highlights’.

Introduced in September last year, more than 120 million monthly users access Memories, according to Google. Now the feature gains new kinds of memories, automatically identifying the images that Google thinks it will appreciate the most. Examples include featured photos from the past week, as well as memories from the depths of the past, specifically with close friends and family.

Fans of the ‘For You’ tab need not worry, as the content currently featured here will be moved to the Memories section. Google has also provided tools to ensure that specific time periods or people you would rather forget can be automatically hidden.

There will always be those who find a new and unfamiliar design somewhat challenging, but the simplified new design seems, in my eyes, a great improvement.

Keep in mind that Google has been testing a few different designs before today’s update, so some users may be migrating from interfaces with different buttons and three, four, or even five tabs. Hopefully, today’s update will bring the majority of users together with a consistent interface until new tests begin.

The new Google Photos experience will come to Android and iOS in the coming week.

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