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In the VP search, Biden has a known amount in Susan Rice

WASHINGTON – When then-Vice President Joe Biden left the West Wing every night to return home, he would often head into the nearby office suite of National Security Advisor Susan Rice to register, sometimes for urgent foreign policy issues. , sometimes just to shoot the breeze. “My favorite unannounced visitor …

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He won’t say it, but I know this man loves me.

DEAR ABBY: I have contacted my first love forever after 30 years. Jeanne Phillips We have had some encounters over the years. When they happened, we fell back into our comfort zone. We both have current relationships with others that are not satisfactory. We have both had failed relationships as …

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It’s not an insult, I really can’t touch your dog

Dear Amy: I have a severe general allergy to poison ivy. If the least amount of poison ivy urushiol oil touches any part of me, I’ll explode with hundreds of small but itchy blisters. Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan / Chicago Tribune) These blisters cover my body (not just where …

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