I asked him what he said to this woman, and he exploded.

DEAR ABBY: Three months ago, my husband ran into a second cousin that he hadn’t seen in 40 years. They were close for a short time during high school and saw each other a couple of times after that.

Jeanne Phillips

Until recently, he did not know that he had searched for her on social networks and had contacted her every day since. I didn’t think about it much when she told me, until one night she stayed on the computer with her until 3 in the morning.

She lied to me about how many times she’s been online with her, and if she calls or texts, she tells me she’s someone else. She sent him photos, which I saw, but he denied receiving them. Once you forgot to sign a message you sent and of course I read it. To my surprise, he was trusting many things he had done while married to me that he was unaware of. It hurt deeply, and I told him so.