Congress opened a new session as a virus, dominating Biden’s victory

WASHINGTON (AP) – Congress is preparing to call for the start of a new term, swearing in legislators during a turbulent period as a growing number of Republicans. The job of reversing Biden’s victory More than President Donald Trump and the coronavirus Will impose limits on Capitol.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi is set to be elected speaker of the House on Sunday By his party, which retains a majority in the House but with the most fragile margin in 20 years since the November election cleanup.

Opening the Senate could be one of the final acts of Mitch McConnell as the majority leader. Republican control is in question until Tuesday’s election for two Senate seats in Georgia. The result will determine which party has the chamber.

It has always been said that a divided government may be the time for a legislative compromise, but legislators with the 117th Congress are imposing more torn charges with the nation than ever before, with Biden also disputing basic facts, including winning the presidential election.

Fraud did not go unnoticed in the 2020 presidential election, the country’s election officials confirmed. Before leaving office last month, Trump-appointed Republican Attorney General William Barre said fraud does not affect the outcome of the election. The Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia, whose states were crucial to Biden’s victory, also said their election results were accurate.

Still, a dozen Republicans are bound for a new Senate led by Sen. Josh Haley Wali and Ted Cruz, and many in the House have pledged to become a resistance force in Biden’s White House in an effort to undermine the will of American voters. The G.O.P. Legislators The plan to challenge the election results comes as Congress meets on Wednesday to say Trump is likely to win his 306-232 Electoral College lead. Vice President Mike Pence presides over the session as Senate President and announces the winner.

Pence is facing increasing pressure from Trump’s allies over his monologue role. His chief of staff, Mark Short, said in a statement Saturday that Pence “welcomes the efforts of members of the House and Senate to use his powers to raise objections under the law.”

Democrats, meanwhile, are eager to partner with Biden on shared priorities, starting with efforts to tackle the epidemic and economic crisis. They plan to revisit failed attempts to provide લોકો 2,000 in epidemic assistance to most people.

“President of the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. Hakim Jeffries, D.N.Y.,” Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Rep. “This has been a moment of great challenge, full of trials and tribulations in the United States, but help is moving forward,” said physician Jeffries. Interview.

“America is a resilient nation, full of resilient people,” he said. “We will continue to move forward from this epidemic to the occasion and continue to move forward towards our full union.”

House Republican novices include Georgia’s Trump-aligned Marjorie Taylor Green, Who has allowed conspiracy theories on Q-on and Colorado Gun Rights Advocate Lure Ren Bobert, who sent a letter of endorsement to uphold the legislators’ right to carry weapons in the capital.

Rep. Taylor Green of Alabama. The House was led by a group of Republicans led by Moe Brooks, who met with Trump at the White House during the holidays about his efforts to undo the election.

The “Jaan. The 6 challenges continue, ”Taylor Green said in a tweet pinned at the top of her social media account. Bodert also backed those who challenged Biden’s victory by tweeting.

Republicans in the House of Representatives boosted their ranks in the November election, choosing a handful of women and minorities, more than ever. Some new G.O.P. The legislators are called the “Freedom Force”, and they are the defendants of the “squad” – the New York rap. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other liberal Democrat women who took office last session

Progressive Democrats strengthen their ranks with newcomers joining more liberal priorities.

The Capitol itself is an altered location under coronavirus ban. The legislators arrived in Washington, D.C., from all parts of the country, possibly exposed to the virus during their trip.

Many legislators are sick with the virus. A monument Louisiana’s newly elected Republican legislator Luke Letlow, who died 19 days before his swearing-in due to COVID-19 day complications, was held on Saturday.

The attending physician’s office has stopped meeting legislators in groups or holding traditional receptions, warning many long memos to prevent the spread of the virus. The mask is ordered to be worn at all times and Pelosi is required to use it in the House Chamber. Members are required to undergo coronavirus tests and use a vaccine.

In a memo, the physician’s office warns, “Do not include any personal social events, receptions, celebrations or visits outside of your family unit and always cover your face outside your home.” “You should strictly avoid any kind of office fee-based reception or celebration in the days ahead.”

Traditional swearing-in will also be limited to the House. There are no bigger family pictures with new legislators taking the oath of office. Instead, each representative-elected guest can bring the social distance corresponding to the protocol.

The vice president is usually sworn in as a senator.

Pelosi, who is returning as a speaker, faces a tight race, splitting House 222-211, with one race still undisputed and an empty space after Letlo’s death.

The California Democrat may suffer some shortcomings from his rank, but only a few except for the absence. Some legislators are on quarantine after coronavirus infection or exposure. She needs to win a majority to attend and vote to maintain the speaker’s cut.