Democrats fear COVID-19 outbreak could cost Nancy Pelosi her job

Democrats in Congress are sweating over the possibility that coronavirus Nancy Pelosi could spend her job.

The party is facing a very narrow majority next year and some members fear an unusually hit coronavirus outbreak that could lead to the expected election of the House Speaker.

“Let’s say, in principle, we have six or eight people with Kovid and no Republicans. They might pick [Kevin] McCarthy, ”Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Key), told Hill, speaking of the current Republican House leader.

Sure his cau kasus shows he’s also only half the battle. During her last campaign for speaker two years ago, she won despite 15 members of her own party voting against her. She will not have that margin of error this time.

At least three Democrats, Corner Lamb of Pennsylvania, Jared Golden of Mines and Alyssa Slotkin of Michigan, have all said they intend to oppose Pelosi’s election to the speaker’s chair.

Washington, D.C. has not been spared, as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country. Just this week, five new members of the House tested positive for the deadly virus – bringing the total number of legislators to 35 with confirmed infections.

Connecticut Democrat Jim Hims added in the paper, “There are general skeptics who make it part of their brand to vote against it.” Not even a year. ”