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HBO’s Lovecraft Country Has A Very Interesting Hero Car

De 1948 Packard Station Sedan fan HBO’s Lovecraft CountryScreenshot: HBO HBO’s new series, Lovecraft Country premiere as The interesting reworking of Jordan Peele’s noticed rare and virulent racist HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu Mythos in something that captures the realities of American culture and racism of the 1950s, along with all those …

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What to expect and expect: Marvel, Candyman and more

It’s officially San Diego Comic-Con 2020! We would be charging laptops in our PCs instead of jumping on flights and trains to Southern California, but we’re still gearing up for a lot of panels, cosplayand of course exciting news. The io9 team met (virtually) to discuss our hopes, fears, and …

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Chiwetel Ejiofor talks to Sam Raimi Direction

Chiwetel Ejiofor returns to magical action for the next Strange doctor.Screenshot: Marvel studios Morning spoilersIf there is news about upcoming movies and television that you are not supposed to know, you will find it here. Jason Momoa is the reason for the season at Warner Bros. ‘new … Frosty the …

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