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Spotify employees can now work remotely permanently

Photo: J Sc Scarnici (Getty Images) As the global epidemic erupts, we are seeing a lot of companies that even after Kovid consider remote work to be an option for their employees.. Now Spotify is on board: On Friday, Company Announced Rollout the program anywhere from its function, j Will …

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Amazon fails to derail unionization vote in Alabama

Photo: Philip Huguen / AFP (Getty Images) Last –An attempt by Amazon to delay a vote on a merger on one of its large warehouses has failed, as the first serious attempt to organize workers into a tech giant has paved the way. Delaware failed attempt in 2014. On Friday, …

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Covid-19 Hazard for Workers in Rest Restaurants Rents: Cramped Kitchens

Many restaurants are struggling with a simple fact – often there is no easy way to make their kitchen completely safe. During the coronavirus epidemic, restaurant managers installed dividers and cut staff to bridge the gap between workers. They changed the workflow to minimize contact. However, some workers, infectious-disease specialists …

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