Spotify employees can now work remotely permanently

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Photo: J Sc Scarnici (Getty Images)

As the global epidemic erupts, we are seeing a lot of companies that even after Kovid consider remote work to be an option for their employees.. Now Spotify is on board: On Friday, Company Announced Rollout the program anywhere from its function, j Will give Thousands Spotify employees around Of the world They have the freedom to work anywhere – and nevertheless -.

“We’ve been discussing the future of the work and what it will look like for a few years, and we’ve always concluded that globalizationAction and digitalAshes are drivers for a more flexible workplace, “Spotify said in a statement.. “It’s good for both the company and our people.”

Original gist Featured on Spitfina’s HR blog These are: WAith a Manager’s Approved, Spotify-er can blend and match their schedule to work perfectly from their home, full office fees or a combination of both.

This will be even more relaxed when it comes to deciding where these employees are working from. If someone who is really jockeying for an office space has to choose a location that is not close to one 48 different Spotify ify fees In more than a dozen countries, the company will establish them with a membership for a cooperative space somewhere nearby. He said it was not allowed to land anywhere in the world, noting in its declaration that there were “some restrictions” on where employees could go, only “time zone difficulties and regional entity laws.”

Spotify’s post explains, “The ultimate goal of our new design approach is to ensure that employees have a place where they can focus, collaborate, and create – whether it’s at a desk, conference room or cafe space. . ”

Company to explain the logic of the company behind the new program Added That its employees’ Effectiveness ”It cannot be measured by how many hours people spend in office fees, and that “work is not something that comes to office fees for our people, it is something Please

While Not every industry The technical field can provide this kind of relief Embrace WFH Lifestyle during an epidemic. Earlier this week, For example, Cloud Giant Salesforce Announced The same policy changes in spotifs, hence Thousands Employees have the option of being completely remote, entirely in office fees or in combination Two. This comes at the heels of other companies like this Shopife, Twitter, And Square Give them Employees will continue to work remotely for as long as they choose, even after their office fees finally reopen. There is also ongoing Vulture Project Tracking a constantly updated list of tech companies gives their employees the opportunity to work from home on a permanent basis. till now We’re at nine, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that list grows longer.