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Users get their first look at Apple’s tracking tags

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) All Privacy-protection Goody’s Apple Play has promised to enter the iOS 14 update, the so-called “Tracking transparency“The warnings were probably the highest ControversialStimulate enough pushback from fellow tech giant Facebook which ended the feature Delays occur Its original past aAutumn Deadline. Now it looks like …

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IOS 14.2 causes severe battery drain

Users on Apple Pull developer forums and on Reddit are widely reporting that iOS 14.2 causes serious battery drain problems. Problem symptoms include faster battery drain and longer charge times than usual. Some users are reporting that their devices lose more than 50 percent of their charge in less than …

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IOS 14.2 Features: Everything new in iOS 14.2

Apple Play recently released iOS 14.2 and the iPad DOS 14.2, the second major update to the major operating system updates for iOS and IP OS DOS 14 that were released in September. IOS 14.2 and IPOS DOS 14.2 arrive two weeks after the launch of iOS 14.1. The iOS …

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