Shows the latest Samsung Leak Tile-like Bluetooth tracker

The illustration for the latest Samsung leaked article shows a tile-like Bluetooth tracker

Photo: Jung Yeon-ji (Getty Images)

Samsung may soon come out with a Bluetooth-based tracker to offer Tile Run for his money.

People with sharp eyes 91 Mobile Spot images of the reported Samsung Tracker posted by the Certification Authority NCC on Friday, where it is listed as a Samsung Galaxy Smarttag. Tile’s smart trackers and Apple Pal’s long rumors are similar Airtags, It uses Bluetooth to connect to your other devices, so you can get them in the moment when you swear to them, when they must have sprouted and walked on their own feet.

Samsung’s tracker has a nice piece in the corner to easily attach it to a nice piece, cord or keyring, and it will be powered by a replaceable button cell battery, which was exposed according to the schematics in the regulatory filing. GSMArena Earlier this month.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Samsung is working on a competitor for the tile, but this is the first glimpse of our leak about what the finished product might look like. It seems to confirm the Galaxy SmartG Monicor, the name referenced in the code of Samsung’s SmartTings app Appeared Earlier this week. Images buried inside the code look like icons for a tracker, probably for some type of UI. Probably in reference to Samsung’s yet unconfirmed tracker, a description of one of these images will “help you keep track of objects like wallets, keys, earbuds and more”.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But with Samsung Allegedly ready January to announce its next flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S21 series 14, there are odds that then we will get an update on Galaxy Smart Tags and possibly a launch date as well. There is speculation that 91 mobiles could be priced at Rs 1,300hly $ 18, which seems reasonable enough. Especially if it has a replaceable battery, a feature that Tile has only recently begun to include in its line. Touching the entire gadget for just one dead battery never made sense in the first place, and I’m sure thanks to the low e-waste on the planet. Fast growing pile.