Party over: Airbnb restricts under-25s in UK, France and Spain | Technology

Airbnb restricts the ability of people under 25 in the UK, France and Spain to rent entire homes through their platform to reduce unauthorized parties and ensure safety.

Airbnb began cracking last year because cluttered parties caused problems with neighbors in certain communities, and with the coronavirus pandemic, there has been even greater concern about events where social distance measures are being phased out.

Airbnb said it will now begin testing in Britain, France and Spain a ban on under-25s with less than three positive ratings of renting entire homes near where they live.

Those with at least three positive reviews and no negative reviews on Airbnb or with long-term plans are not subject to the restriction, and all users can book private rooms and hotel rooms through the platform.

“The restriction is intended to protect local communities, while younger guests can still book lists outside their local area,” Airbnb said in a statement.

It is following tests of similar measures in the United States and Canada, and the company said it has also tightened its ban on meetings that damage public health mandates in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Airbnb aims to be good partners for communities and today’s announcement follows a series of measures taken by the platform to emphasize antisocial behavior and unauthorized parties,” the company said.