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Doctors reacted when EU countries suspended the shot

A healthcare worker prepares a syringe with 19 doses of AstraZeneca Covid at Korea City Hospital in Spain. Gustavo Valiante | Sopa Images | Lightrocket by Getty Images LONDON – Health experts say they are frustrated and confused by the suspension of a coronavirus vaccine suspension developed by AstraZeneca and …

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The rapper reportedly leaves the roommate’s penis for video view

According to reports, a Spanish rapper is accused of hacking a roommate’s penis with a 12-inch kitchen knife as part of a tragic attempt to draw attention to the gold media. The Independent reports that Aaron Beltre was accused of reducing his manhood with Oxford-educated British teacher Rev. Andrew Breach …

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Hilaria Baldwin blames the inheritance scam on everyone but herself

Hillary has opened up about accusing “Hillaria” Baldwin of falsifying her background – insisting it was everyone’s fault for assuming she was Spanish. Alec Baldwin’s wife told the New York Times in an interview posted early Wednesday that she had always hidden her parents’ true background as an intelligence b …

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