More Proud Boys Arrested on Capital-Riot Conspiracy Charges

U.S. Proud accused members of several officers were arrested on Thursday on charges of conspiracy and other charges for alleged involvement in the Capitol riots, as government prosecutors live in far-right groups and investigate what may have been planned in the attack.

Kansas resident William Christman and four others have been arrested in Missouri and Arizona, officials said, citing allegations in two complaints that five men wearing strategic gear bearing strips of orange tape coordinated their efforts to advance into the Capitol arena.

According to many of Mr. Christman’s friends and former classmates, he grew up in California, developing more radical views in recent years. He said that before his Facebook page was deleted, he had posted conspiracy theories about vaccines and QN and engaged in heavy online discussions with people.

Affidavits for the arrest of the five men state that they are marching with a group of other prominent members of the Proud Boys, describing themselves as an organization for “Western chauvinists.” Many of these members had previously been arrested on similar charges, and, according to the affidavit, worked to prevent law enforcement from securing the area.

In the aftermath of the January 6 riots, more than 200 participants have been arrested on charges ranging from illegal entry into a restricted building to assault on federal officials. Prosecutors have focused on several military groups, including the Gaurav Boys’ accused and the Theth Keepers, creating cases where rioters from smaller groups accused them of coordinating their actions and planning the attack in advance.