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Europe Russia, China over U.S. Will tip to a tougher stance

Brussels opposition will impose new sanctions on Russian officials over the detention of European Union opposition leader Alexei Navalny and move forward with steps to challenge Beijing over its Hong Kong crackdown, signaling a shift in the bloc’s position on both countries toward the US. . EU foreign policy chief …

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More Proud Boys Arrested on Capital-Riot Conspiracy Charges

U.S. Proud accused members of several officers were arrested on Thursday on charges of conspiracy and other charges for alleged involvement in the Capitol riots, as government prosecutors live in far-right groups and investigate what may have been planned in the attack. Kansas resident William Christman and four others have …

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U.S.A. claims Wal-Mart, fueled by opioid crisis

WASHINGTON Trump The Trump administration on Tuesday fired Mart Mart Inc. Claimed on. The Justice Department claims that Walmart seeks to increase profits by reducing its pharmacies and forcing employees to fill prescriptions faster. This makes it difficult for pharmacists to reject invalid prescriptions, enabling widespread drug abuse across the …

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