Meadows appears in Capitol to talk to Pelosi amid halted negotiations over coronavirus

Staff of the White House Mark MeadowsMark Randall MeadowsPelosi axes idea of ​​Saturday’s vote on extra COVID relief The Hill’s Morning Report – Obama portrays Trump as impossible leader; Harris accepts VP nod Meadows says postmaster general does not discuss changes with pauses with Trump MORE said he was trying to meet with Speaker Nancy PelosiNancy PelosiDemocrats prep ads, events to hit Trump during GOP convention Democrats look to capitalize on Biden’s big moment The Hill’s Convention Report: Postmaster General grilled | Looking forward to GOP convention | Trump campaign goes billions in MORE spending (D-Calif.) On Saturday to discuss progress with a coronavirus-boosted package, as negotiations have continued since Aug. 7.

Pelosi, however, was unavailable when Meadows arrived.

Meadows was on Capitol Hill to discuss additional funding for relief with members of rank and file in both parties and argued that Congress should pass legislation that addresses the areas where they have found bipartisan agreement.

The North Carolina Republican told reporters that Pelosi was hypocritical in passing legislation to provide an additional $ 25 billion for Postal Service operations, while choosing not to vote on a COVID-19 incentive package that could pass both chambers. .

‘I’ll reach for the Speaker. I went through. She was in a meeting, and, indeed, as secretary [Steven] Mnuchin and I, as you know, reached out to the secretary a few weeks ago. They made it clear at that point that there was no real need to continue voting, “he told reporters, referring to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

‘But we take this mood on the floor of the House as a genuine willingness on her part to look for a more straightforward solution. I know I have also talked to a number of Senate colleagues about a more deliberate solution to meet the needs. At least let’s pass on what we all agree on and then leave the things we do not agree on, perhaps a more laborious negotiation, “he added.

According to sources with knowledge, there was no meeting between Pelosi and Meadows over the weekend.

‘He came up without comment. Speaker was at a leadership meeting, ”said a senior Democratic aide.

Meadows’ latest attempt to restart talks comes after he and other members of the GOP Democrats pressured to accept a package even slimmer than the First Senate bill of $ 1.1 trillion – a measure which combines $ 10 billion for the Postal Service with several other provisions, including new financing for small businesses and benefits for unemployment insurance.

In May, House Democrats passed an enormous $ 3.4 trillion package of coronavirus relief – a proposal widely rejected by Republicans in the White House and the Senate.

The House bill, however, has been opposed by even a number of Republicans, who have bolstered the Democrats’ bill in the talks.

“If it’s urgent enough to come back on a Saturday, you know, small businesses and people hurt without jobs [are] certainly also a priority, “Meadows said, referring to Pelosi’s decision to recall the House to Washington for a rare Saturday Saturday. The House is set to vote on a $ 25 billion bill for the Postal Service.

Earlier Saturday, Pelosi held a press conference in the Capitol, where she completely rejected Meadows ‘offer, deciphering the absence of key elements in the Democrats’ HEROES Act – including new funding for tests, food stamps, tenants and state- and local governments – while referring to Trump’s chief of staff as “what’s his name.”

“That is completely unacceptable,” she said of his proposal.

“You mentioned some things that made his name stand out,” she said. He said nothing about schools. He said nothing about crushing the virus. He said nothing about people being expelled. He said nothing about food insecurity among millions of American children. He said nothing about state and local [governments], “Pelosi went on, appearing as reference Meadows.

Meadows said he sees potential for common ground in areas that some consider emerging field battles.

“I personally think we can come to an agreement on stimulus controls for Americans and improved unemployment. These problems are not as divided as we think. And then I think, finally, that there is a real willingness to get help with our children, whether it is with schools and the funding for schools or the funding for day care at this unusual time, ”he continued .

“And that’s why we’ve made great progress in all of these areas, and yet the talks remain silent on a number that continue to be articulated by Democrats here in Congress that they really have no basis in terms of what supports those figures,” he added .

Meadows excludes the possibility of additional executive action if Congress fails to reach a consensus on a bill.

“Listen, we’re always looking at options we can deploy from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,” he said.

“Never underestimate the dysfunction of Congress, and never underestimate the ability of this president to try to find a way to meet the needs of the American people,” he added.

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