Police Warn: Be Cautious When Buying Sawdust Briquettes


This type of crime is also registered this year, so it is likely that scammers will continue to try to make a profit at the expense of others.

According to a police press release, at the beginning of the heating season, residents buy solid fuels to heat their homes and transfer money frivolously, without being sure of the true existence of goods and sellers. S. meter. As of September, 6 people were already affected in Alytus county (2 citizens in Prienai district, 2 in Lazdijai district and one in each of Alytus and Varėna districts).

When they find an advertisement for sawdust briquettes for sale on websites, people often transfer an advance or even the full amount of the item to the account of the specified seller, which they do not receive.

Scammers in this way embezzle money and the population loses between 200 and 300 euros. These “sellers” simply disappear when they receive a payment: they do not answer the phone, they do not deliver the merchandise to the buyer or they claim that the delivery is delayed.

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