Two victims of COVID-19 are under 40 years old: doctors have been fighting for the life of one of them for 8 days


One of them, who belonged to the age group 30 to 39, Sakiai, was not vaccinated and died in the Kaunas clinics. This fact was confirmed by the representative of the Kaunas clinics, Karolina Račkauskienė. Due to data protection, no other details could be disclosed.

Another woman, also in the 30-39 age group, lived in Telšiai. When his condition deteriorated, he was transferred to the Šiauliai Republican Hospital.

According to the hospital representative, Sonata Tenytė, she was treated in the intensive care unit for 8 days. After them, the woman’s life died. Telšiškė was vaccinated with both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, but had severe comorbidities.

Delfi recalls that last week the death of a 20 to 29-year-old woman was reported. He had not received any doses of the vaccine.

Antakalnis Support Hospital

Antakalnis Support Hospital

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“We are constantly coordinating with the Kaunas clinics and the Kaunas hospital for his treatment. It was advised that the patient should not be transferred to another city in order not to worsen the condition. She was lying down in our hospital resuscitation. However, the solution was bad … Based on the condition of the woman and the prognosis of the disease, most suspected that there could be such an end, ”said J. Milaknienė, director of Prienai Hospital, last week.

The woman was already in serious condition at Prienai Hospital, and within a week her health only worsened.

Before being admitted to the hospital, the patient was seriously ill for a week and was tormented by a high temperature of 40 degrees.

“There was respiratory failure, pneumonia. Really serious patient. We had a week, ”said the director of the Prienai Hospital.

Another young victim of COVID-19 last week was a woman in the 30-39 age group. He lived in the municipality of the Telšiai district. The patient was not vaccinated and had other diseases.

The third young victim last week was a man from the Kėdainiai district. He belonged to the age group 40 to 49 years.

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