ISPS introduces the new Xbox, to record traffic loads

    Xbox launched the Xbox Series X in the UK on November 7, 2020 with a holographic installation in London.

Xbox launched the Xbox Series X in the UK on November 7, 2020 with a holographic installation in London.
Photo: Ian Gawan (Getty Images)

Since our new generation of video game consoles got its first appearance, the most important topic of discussion is the fact that both Xbox Series X. And PS5 Is huge. The shock of the console’s physical appearance made it easy to forget that the next big step of the next pay generation would be on the intertubes.

Internet providers in the UK said this week that Microsoft has increased network traffic since its launch of its latest Xbox on Tuesday as users unsubscribe their console, download system updates and install new games. Virgin Media a Statement That it experienced the highest amount of data usage on its network in history, 30% higher than its average traffic in Tuesday-October. In total, Virgin said, 108 petabytes of data, an average of 20 GB per customer, were served on launch day.

Similarly, Toktalk said That it “recorded its highest ever in network traffic” on Tuesday. Said OpenReach T.He is independent That his network was hit hard by the Xbox launch but did not set a personal traffic record.

The new Xbox wasn’t the only thing sucking up data at incredible rates. OpenRich also cited the forced release of software updates on iOS as responsible for high-level activity. And Virgin pointed to the introduction of new cross-console blockbuster games Assassin Creed Valhalla And pre-download Call of Duty: Black Ps Cold War As an issue.

A difficult day for ISPS is no big deal, but it is a sign that the network may struggle to continue in the coming months. Virgin said it expects “another busy week of network traffic ahead” with the launch of Sony’s PS5. Both consoles are already available in the United States … if you can get them. The fact that availability is currently limited can be a blessing.

The size of the video game files was already out of control before this new pay generation started. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Balloons for more than 250 GB As it is gradually added to more and more updates. Black Ops, Latest entry in Call on duty Suffrage, Runs 250 jigs Just outside the box.

The integration of high-speed SSD drives also means that developers have less to worry about when it comes to loading large assets into the game, meaning that developers’ imaginations will be more restrictive than the size of a new hard drive. ConsoleO ‘ Power limitations. That means huge updates will fly around at unprecedented speeds, And we’ve barely entered game streaming services like Google Stadia.

When the first wave of Covid-19 sent people inside the house last March There was anxiety That networks can be pulled by a rush of users online users who usually live their IRL life for most of the day. For the most part, the ISPs were nice. Now, pathologists There is a warning The latest wave of infection will be even more devastating than the last and will require more quarantine. TTK said in a statement that it saw its highest network traffic in the past week when it entered the second lockdown by the UK.

Our Extreme Lives Online Life is getting much more online online, And the technical specs needed to keep it going are becoming more compact. Real 5G may not come soon enough.