IPhone 2020 crash as three ‘all-new’ Apple iPhones revealed

06/24 Update below. This post was originally published on June 21.

The launch of Apple’s new range of iPhone 12 is coming late, we know that. But now the new dummy units put everything else in doubt.

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The units showcase the three new sizes in the iPhone 12 range, their redesigned chassis and a surprise when it comes to connectivity. In addition to his original images, Dickson has also provided me with more photographs.

06/23 Update: Apple has used WWDC to to reveal A key feature that may affect your decision to buy an iPhone 12 model. The company confirmed leaked information earlier this month that iOS 14 supports all iPhone compatible with iOS 13. It’s a remarkable commitment to longevity, meaning the 2015 iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone SE will receive updates until 2021. With Apple selling more than 100 million units of these phones and millions still in use, that’s a level of generosity that has the potential to impact iPhone 12 sales, but will be greatly appreciated in a year that has had massive financial implications for many. With Apple too cutting the basic price of iPhone 12, the company has really stepped up here.

06/24 update: With the new iPhone 12 chassis (if not the cameras and notch) now locked, new welcome news is received from Apple’s respected leak Mr white (famous for revealing Apple prototypes). The source revealed that the iPhone 12 line will come with a 20W power adapter and published images. While this is less important for Pro models, which already come with an 18W charger, this is a big problem for the entry level iPhone 12 and new iPhone 12 Max Since Apple ships the iPhone 11 with a measly 5W charger that can take over 2 hours to deliver a full charge. This meant that many users had to budget an additional $ 30 for the 18W charger and $ 19 for the Lightning to USB-C cable. Factor the IPhone 12 $ 50 price reduction In addition to this and it’s a great savings of almost $ 100, especially considering the iPhone 12 new revealing screen.

What stands out immediately, aside from their new angular designs (which we’ve known for months), is the side of these iPhones. Dickson believes that what looks like an oversized sim tray is, in fact, a smart connector, the magnetic port used on the iPad Pro to connect accessories and charge the Apple Pencil. The Smart Connector has been heavily tilted for the iPhone 2021, so viewing it here, if Dickson is right, is very surprising.

Dickson also provided me with more photos showing the Lightning port. In line with previous reports, it illustrates that Apple has no interest in adding USB-C to the iPhone.

With that said, Dickson also delivered a few caveats. Most importantly, the notch and iPhone 11-style cameras you see are placeholders, something that will keep alive hopes for significant improvements here. The same is true for speaker grills, though the dimensions and curves of the chassis are considered final, emphasizing how small the exciting new 5.4-inch iPhone 12 will be. This is a really pocket friendly powerhouse that is unrivaled by Android.

Meanwhile, waiting for news about tantalizing updates, such as Apple’s new 120Hz LiDAR ProMotion Display sensor and the performance of the new A14 chip continues. But with confirmed 5G paired with a lower entry-level price, it looks like these new iPhones will be flying off the shelves, regardless.


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