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Status: 03.04.2021 12:22 pm

After the Hannover administrative court has granted urgent requests against the curfew, the region wants to file a complaint. It is currently forbidden to go out between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

According to the court, this is now on hold for all four applicants. Everyone else must continue to abide by the curfew. According to the court, the Hannover region has not sufficiently explained why the condition is unavoidable. The region did not adequately explain how the number of infections would worsen if there were no curfew. This violation of fundamental rights is not covered by the Infection Protection Law, which imposes very high demands on the justification of such measures. On Friday evening, the Hannover region announced that it would appeal the decision to the Higher Administrative Court in Lüneburg.


Three policemen check people in Jungfernstieg.

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The police presence is increasing in Hannover and Hamburg, and there is also a night curfew. (03/31/2021) 3 min

The region wants clarity from Lüneburg

The Osnabrück administrative court had previously rejected urgent requests against the night curfew in similar proceedings. The Lüneburg Higher Administrative Court should now guarantee a clear decision, according to a spokeswoman for the Hannover region. Meanwhile, the second night with exit restrictions passed without major problems, according to police. On Saturday night, the Hannover region police recorded around 80 curfew violations.

122 processes initiated in the region

The beginning of Thursday night was largely uneventful. Overall, the Hannover Directorate area police initiated 122 administrative infringement proceedings on Good Friday night. According to the information, there were also 22 layoffs and 276 dangerous approaches. The police rate this as low, so the results are mostly positive.

Assembly in the north city

“The city left an empty impression,” a spokesman said of the situation in the state capital on Friday. In the Nordstadt district alone, about 50 people gathered to protest the exit restrictions. All participants wore mouth and nose protection. According to the police, the group was classified as a spontaneous gathering and was therefore not subject to exit restrictions. The participants reacted aggressively to the speeches and firecrackers were also detonated. The officers then called other emergency services. After about 20 minutes, the meeting was interrupted. Meanwhile, an action scheduled for Saturday night has been banned: supporters of the “lateral thinking” initiative wanted to demonstrate in front of the residence of Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD).

Hannover begins suspension one hour later

It is a decision of the region that the curfew in Hannover starts one hour later than in other counties, cities and municipalities in Lower Saxony. The The state’s Crown ordinance establishes night-out bans between 9 pm and 5 am for seven-day incidents of 150 or more. According to the state government, the focus of the Hannover region is within the scope of discretion. 1.1 million people in the city and region of Hannover are affected, who are only allowed to leave their apartments and houses between 10 pm and 5 am for a valid reason. Additionally, an extended mask requirement applies in public spaces.

Wolfsburg and the Gifhorn district: closing from Good Friday

On Good Friday at 9 pm, a night curfew also began in the city of Wolfsburg and in the Gifhorn district. The district had already imposed a two-week ban in January. According to the Gifhorn Health Department, most of them are privately infected. This is also the most common source of infection in the city of Wolfsburg.

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