Fast-Tracking Canucks to the Cusp of Pride

The last time the Vancouver Canucks showed the defending champions the door was in 2011 and they came within one agonizing game of winning the Stanley Cup. But that was expected. The Canucks had 10 points at the top of the overall NHL standings and were an emerging powerhouse.

But this? While we are learning, anything can happen in the playoffs, and that unpredictability is even more likely if the teams are already five months out and playing the playoff tournament in an isolated bubble. And whether the NHL invited 16 or 24 teams or not, the Canucks were a legitimate playoff team when the league stalled in March, sitting with the third-best points percentage in the Pacific Division. We get all of that, but not only do the Canucks have the St. Defeating Louis Blues, they also dictated the pace of play and performed with a confidence that only comes with youthful ignorance. Former Canucks coach and current Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella, when he felt more than grumpy during his media briefings, said at one point during the playoffs that even he was unsure whether the fine play of his young players was due to trust as “dumb”. Anyway with the Canucks, it works.